Boat building

Sailboats designed and built by us

T26 vitorláshajó


The newest and the most modern product of our workshop.


T-Jolle 25

Our first self-designed and -built sailboat.

This boat is the redeveloped version of the classical jolle, which was originally designed in 1934.

This boat also comes with sword, which is optimal for lakes with low water level.

T-Jolle 25 is a very comfortable sailboat for touring, but at the same time also ideal for competition sailing.

For further information about special request, do not hestitate to contact us.

T-Jolle25 | Orion

Other boats produced by us

lago 26

This boat is the project of the Austrian olympic sailor Hans Spitzauer.

Between 2014 and 2020 we have built 20 Lago 26 for him.

The original version came with sword, but we helped to develop the keel version of it.

These boats were sold mostly in the Austrian and the German market.

Lago26 | JoJo
Lago 26 foil

lago 26 F

The most interesting and exciting version of Lago.

We have built the first foiler "flying" sailing boat in Hungary.

The foilersystem was designed by Hugh Welburn.

Carbon Products

Our workshop is mainly producing carbon masts for smaller boats. The masts have a maximum of 12 meter length.

In addition, we are producing other carbon products too:

  • Carbon bumm
  • Carbon rudder
  • Carbon spinakker bumm
  • etc.
Karbon árbóc